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Latest Pattern: Whisper Gallery

A close up of the bottom hem of a fine lace shawl; the hand holding it up is clearly visible through the fabric.A large, heart-shaped shawl, with intricate patterning achieved through a smooth succession of simply-knit motifs.

Worked in cobweb weight yarn, the end result is an ephemeral thing, more air than garment: barely a whisper. It will draw easily through a wedding ring, with room to spare. For an optimally ethereal, fae effect, it can be worked in a silk-blend yarn and with plenty of tiny beads – the shawl seems to half-vanish in the sunlight, but the glints of silk and glass give its presence away, like dew on a spider’s web.

A white lace shawl, so delicate it is translucent, hangs in front of a mural painted like the sea.

Other Patterns

Close up of a gold and red lace shawl, with overlaid text "Islington Mystery Knitalong"
Islington: MKAL
triangular shawl
photo credit: TWM
Close up of a sea-green chunky knit cowl with a silver button
Slice of Cloud
cowl + corespinning tutorial
project photo: bobbieh
A leafy lace stole in tones of muted blues, greens, and purples
Drop Leaf
lace stole
project photo: TWM
A curly-haired woman is pulling a red and purple lace shawl around her shoulders
Temple and Arch
triangular shawl
project photo: RedTina
A brown lace shawl in the shape of wings, lying on grass
lace shawl
project photo: TWM
A silvery-grey lace shawl draped over an armchair
heart-shaped shawl
project photo: olgashop


Matched Gradient Handspinning for Sweaters

To make my "Bay Sun" sweater, I worked out the math for dividing a single gradient of fiber into portions for sleeves, body, and yoke, so that after spinning and plying, it could be knit with sleeves and body matching - same gradient on each piece. You can download the tutorial here (PDF). It will work for any top-down raglan pullover, regardless of gauge or size, and may work for other sweater constructions as well.

PS: this sweater was later refitted by steek after my size changed! You can watch a video of the moment of truth, scissors to handspun.

Project Highlights

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