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Thank you for your interest in my work! To help me keep going, perhaps you'd like to...


Help out financially

  • Make a one-time or recurring donation through PayPal
  • Become a Patron - set up a recurring donation through Patreon for special access to additional content like behind-the-scenes images, preview videos, and monthly poems.
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  • Gift something useful to me personally (Amazon wishlist link)

Or hire me!

Contact to request a resume or discuss rates.

  • I can dance in any setting from a full proscenium to the top of a picnic table; I can install mixed media arts; I can give a reading of poetry or prose; I can design and craft sculptural costumes and set pieces.
  • I can teach a variety of dance topics or textile forms. See Teaching for more info.
  • I can speak, train, lecture, or otherwise facilitate for your group/office/class on gender, sexuality, disability, and the various professional competencies associated with them. Or we can talk about identity, its history, social understandings, art and expression, justice and rights...
  • I can help make your information more accessible: whether that's re-writing a confidentiality policy to be more understandable to people with limited English reading comprehension, improving usability of your website, or finally doing something useful with all those feedback forms and evaluations you've collected. (I can help you develop more valuable assessments, too.) This can run a broad spectrum, from design reformatting to technical writing to project analysis.
  • I can edit your writing, including designing documents in a way that's attractive, accessible, and repeatable. I have experience with everything from application forms to genre poetry to annual reports.
  • I can also do expert/sensitivity reading of fiction, poetry, or nonfiction (such as for othering language in funding requests) around: physical mobility disability, mental health, chronic illness, LGB+ topics/identities, and trans and nonbinary gender divergence. I can also check accuracy in your depictions of textile arts and equipment, or contemporary dance practices and movement.
  • I can organize your ideas: breaking down strategic plans or other goals into concrete, achievable steps, all situated in a workable timeframe with a great tracking system