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Touring & Tech

Enter the Void is a highly portable durational performance installation with minimal technical needs, available for touring. It travels with four people - a cast of two and two support persons.

Contact Toby:

For a walk-through tour of the set as it looked at premiere (Spotlight Theater, South Burlington, VT) as well as blacklight-reactive ticket stickers, see video above.

It is best viewed by small numbers (<10) of people at a time, for durations of at least 20 minutes.

Space requirements:

  • A black space in which all exterior light can be shut out
  • Small to medium size performance area - flexible
  • Minimal fixed seating; ability for audience to circulate around performance area in low lighting
  • An entryway or foyer with seating for waiting
  • Stair-free access

Technical and set requirements:

  • A sound system
  • A small number of lighting elements and gels - depending on size of space, approx 2-8; flexible in number and configuration
  • Black rehearsal cubes, or similar black weight-bearing items, 2-4
  • Approx a dozen configurable audience chairs

Equipment & people that travel with the show:

  • A light-lock entry to the space, constructed of a steel frame with flame-retardant theatrical blackout cloth
  • Additional blackout cloth for masking in space as needed
  • Assorted individual LED lights, batteries
  • Blacklighting
  • Handmade poetry zines which include the show program
  • Blacklight-reactive tickets or ticket stickers, as appropriate
  • Assistance in creating accessible showings
  • 2 performers
  • 2 makeup artists, who also provide audience support, including verbal description as needed, during showtimes

Contact Toby: