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Visitor’s Guide: a poetry chapbook

The eight poems in the Visitor's Guide to the Void will open your eyes to the full depth and breadth encountered in the vast darknesses - love and terror, beauty and loneliness, hubris and escape.

Download on - pay-what-you-like (including free), in three formats, mobi, epub, and pdf.

Table of Contents:

a small booklet painted in blue-black galaxy textures, wraparound cover sealed with black wax

  • "Apastron" by Jennifer Mace
  • "jumping species" by Kaolin Fire
  • "A Cosmological Constant" by Toby MacNutt
  • "Bisecting Infinity" by Jennifer Mace
  • "astrophobia" by Rae White
  • "Do Not Imagine" by Mari Ness
  • "we traverse the dark" by Hester J Rook
  • "Kore Rises: Act I, stillness" by Melody Watson