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My training and experience includes a wide breadth of contemporary, improvisational, and adaptive styles, with a childhood foundation in ballet, jazz, and modern dance. I have studied with integrated companies such as AXIS Dance, Stopgap, Candoco, as well as individual teachers, choreographers, and experienced performance mentors. My performance history ranges from yoga studios in small Vermont towns to Danspace St Mark's in New York City to festivals in the UK and Germany.

I am available to teach - dance topics, adaptive strategies, and more; to perform; or to engage in the creation of new work. Dance and teaching CV available upon request: contact Toby at

Videos on Vimeo.

Seen from behind, Toby kneeling, head tilted back, under a blue light high above.
Photo by David Punia

Performance History Highlights

Toby, with dark beard and in grey leggings and long-sleeved leotard, hangs upside down on two aerial fabrics in a shadowy studio. Their legs and lower back are horizontal, and their upper back arches to show their face, eyes closed, relaxed.
Photo by Elaine Eldridge

A Singular They

Dates: in development starting 2019; anticipated premiere, 2021

Role: choreographer, performer

This new solo-show-to-be explores fluctuation and change in my body and my life: as a disabled and chronically ill person, as a trans and queer and nonbinary person, as someone who dances with sticks, floor, limbs, wheels, and air. It features five collaborating choreographers: Christal Brown, Nicole Dagesse, NEVE, Polly Motley, and Noah Witke Mele.

Five dancers are visible in a starkly side-lit dark stage. Each wears a solid color: gold, red, blue, or purple. They range from floor, sitting, to standing heights, all in motion in dynamic shapes. One dancer is in his wheelchair; another chair sits empty at the back. The floor is divided into angular pieces with strips of thick white tape.
Photo by Misako Akimoto, courtesy AXIS Dance


Dates: June 2019

Role: choreographer

Company: AXIS Dance

After participating in the first ever Choreo-Lab in 2018, I returned to AXIS Dance for the second Lab, this time to work the company dancers directly. We pursued ideas of numbers, patterns, math, and meaning, culminating in ten minutes of new work in progress, "Numeromancy".

Toby hanging upside down from one knee and one shoulder, limbs relaxed, on purple and green fabrics in a bright studio
Photo by Owen Leavey

Bone Hooks

Dates: March 2019 - ongoing

Role: dancer, aerialist

Company: Murmurations Dance

An immersive dance piece that enacts an underwater decomposition and lays bare the bones. It invites the audience into the process of un-becoming through three-dimensional movement with aerial fabrics, partnering, and embodied sound.  Live sound score by Melinda Kinzie, interactive art sculpture by Nicole Colella. Artistic Director: Nicole Dagesse

Sarah with face upturned in darkness, galaxy-painted, Noah's arms reaching
Photo by Matt Brittenham-Jones

Enter the Void

Dates: June 2018

Role: producer, choreographer, designer

Immersive sci-fi dance installation, taking visitors across the threshold to the deepest darkest parts of space. Two dancers, painted with galaxies and sigils, move in a darkened theatre, wrapped in a deep ambient soundtrack. Visitors receive a poetry chapbook to guide them - but it is easy to lose track of your body, and of time. See more about the project, get a guidebook of your own, or consult the Oracle to the Void for what awaits you. This installation is very portable and is available for touring.

Promotional image from "When Women Were Birds", Murmurations Dance. Photo by Mark Collier.

When Women Were Birds

Dates: August 2017

Role: poet, performer/dancer

Company: Murmurations Dance

Site-specific, immersive dance piece: "a moving mythology of becoming (and unbecoming) animal". An imagined past and shared present, with inspiration drawn from Terry Tempest Williams' When Women Were Birds.Choreographed and improvised dance combined with live cello, fresh local food and drinks, the beautiful Bread and Butter Farm, and text, including my "How I Lost the Sky" (inside a silo!).

Leslie and Christine stand back to back in dark red dresses, hands reaching backwards for each other's hips

One, Two

Dates: autumn 2012 - winter 2015; individual pieces remain in repertory

Role: choreographer, performer, producer

This full-length work explores the breadth of relationships available between diverse bodies through the dynamic of multi-modal and mixed-ability dance. We look not only at how bodies relate to each other, but what actually comprises a single body, how the self relates to the body, and what happens when an organic body or bodies interacts with inorganic objects, extensions, or forces - like environmental structures, mobility aids, or gravity. Comprised mainly of small-group, intimate pieces, One, Two teases out the unique ways each person relates to their body and their world. More info here, including showings, workshops, photos, and bios.

Toby's chair in partial profile, with Toby visible from chest down, sitting quietly.

Dawn to Dusk

Dates: April 2014

Role: performer, collaborator

Company: under Lida Winfield

Intergenerational dance by Lida Winfield in collaboration with the performers, commissioned especially for Full Circle festival. "Dawn to Dusk explored the gifts, challenges and transition of aging with a sense of beauty, dignity, awkwardness and humor. Through dance, theater, music and story with performers who range in age from under two to mid seventies, audience got to travel through time all the while catching glimpses of where we have been and where we are going. Dawn to Dusk was accompanied by live music by Arthur Brooks and Ensemble V."

Toby in a manual wheelchair and a dancer crouched on the floor both push up off the frame of the chair

To You, Around You, About You

Dates: winter 2013-2014

Role: performer, collaborator

Company: Bryce Dance

This piece sought to explore health, dignity, aging, memory, and perception. The movement material is a combination of choreography by Heather Bryce and Kayla West, performer-collaborative choreography, and material drawn from community workshops in independent & assistive living facilities.

Toby dancing with crutches, with shaggy teal hair, in bright sunlight
Photo by Tiffany Rhynard

Subverting Normal

Dates: winter & spring 2012

Role: collaborator, performer, writer

Company: Tiffany Rhynard's Big APE

Toby's essay "Unpacking Questions" formed the basis of a duet/solo in this piece.

From Big APE: "This project is about people. It is about seeing, seeing beyond labels and yet recognizing the assumptions we habitually construct. [T]he goal is to subvert our conventional notions of normal and expand our capacity to understand people. We are people first. [T]he performance examines how we self-identify and how these perceptions intersect, coincide and/or collide with how society categorizes, prioritizes, & disseminates power." View the I SEE YOU video portraits here.

two dancers, seated on the floor; Toby is facing the camera holding the feet and legs of the other, who is facing left, in profile
Photo by Andrew Podrygula

Everyone Can Dance

Dates: fall 2010, Burlington; winter 2011, Middlebury

Role: performer, collaborator

Company: Tiffany Rhynard's Big APE

This project brought together experienced dancers with community members of all ages, backgrounds, ablities, experience levels, ethnicities, etc. Together, the groups (in Burlington, Montpelier, and Middlebury) created a full evening-length piece that showcased their unique talents and the connections created between them.

Toby leaning back on their crutches in a deep sitting position
Photo by Carlos Arias

The GIMP Project

Dates: 2009-2011

Role: performer

Company: Heidi Latsky Dance

GIMP explored the role of gaze in the understanding of disabled bodies, disability, and dance. This evening-length performance with a mixed-ability cast was intense, provocative, and internationally renowned. For more, see The GIMP Project webpage. I am also featured in the GIMP documentary by Richard Move; you can see me in the trailer here or check me out on the poster!