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About Me

I'm a queer, nonbinary-trans, disabled multidisciplinary artist, author, and teacher.

Toby seated with their elbow resting on the arm of a couch, looking thoughtful, in beard, tortoiseshell glasses, and loose grey top

I have always had an enormous appetite for arts in multiple media - created with the hands or performed with the body. Though I've dabbled in many media, dance and textiles have long been at the forefront. I began to dance at age 5 or 6 and first learned to knit soon after. I've since expanded my range of dance styles, become a disabled dancer, and learned to choreograph; and in textiles, I've picked up spinning, dyeing, weaving, pattern design, and custom tailoring.

Much of my art and other work is informed by my own experience with fluctuating/multi-modal disability, gender fluidity, and queer identity. I return to themes of embodiment and relationship repeatedly as a throughline of my work. What's a body? How do you know? What brings us together? In my writing, this manifests as shapeshifters, robots, queer witches, and more. In performance, I strive to invite the audience into the world of my body-experience, or my dancers', and in turn, the audience's own. It is queerly disabled from the inside out.

As I begin to make more complex and installational work, these forms and methods fuse, and can literally transport audiences over the boundary from their world to mine. Performance installation also offers so many ways to engage the senses, which in turn aids the overall accessibility of the piece. I do my best to build accessibility/accommodations into the design of my work from the ground up, rather than awkwardly retrofitting. Integrity is important to me, as a person and in my work - my values and my aesthetics should resonate with one another.

I have experience teaching in most of my art forms, as well as teaching or skills-training on social justice topics. I'm also well-versed in arts integration, so sometimes we do both at once!

Though there are limits on my availability and resources, I strive to be professionally interruptible and personally approachable. This means questions or collaboration ideas are always welcome, especially for other multiply-marginalized creators. If I can help your work grow, it enriches the field and the world for us all. Ask!

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You can also follow me on twitter or instagram, watch my videos on Vimeo, or check out my patterns and projects on Ravelry.