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"What Cannot Be Held"

A chapbook! 16 new poems, about queer crip survival right now, in the pandemic and with everything else. Heartache and rage and all the tenderness I could pack in there. Are you lonely? Does your heart hurt? Are you doing your best to survive and care? This is for you.

Available on for pay-what-you-want, including free. Formats include PDF, printable, and full audio recorded by me.

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Zine "what cannot be held", with its cover of two sketched hands cupping the empty space where the title hovers. It is lying on top of the sketchbook page with the larger original smudgy sketch of the hands.

"Live off the Land"

A new short story available to read for free in The Future Fire, who were my first story sale, back in 2015. A little bit tender, a little bit haunted, a lot of woods: read "Live off the Land"

"When You Read This Debris"

Poem, short and spooky, free to read in the 17 April issue of Strange Horizons!

RDDI In This Time Dilation from Toby MacNutt on Vimeo.

By Toby MacNutt, with Nicole Dagesse, and filming assistance from Hanna Satterlee. Filmed at Murmurations Studio.

For NEFA's RDDI: New England Now dance showcase, March 2022, as a curated guest artist.

"In This Time Dilation"

"Time Dilation" was made pre-pandemic for A Singular They about the way chronic pain distorts time and energy. At this time, two years in, participating in the showcase remotely, I wanted to combine its strained isolation with intimacy and longing, their timelines looping and weaving.

So much - my dance practice, life in general - has been like this and is still like this, time on the edge, time rocking on the floor, treasured moments of connection.

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