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Toby in a swirling voluminous pink-blue-silver shimmery cape, swirling around them mid-turn. Only their head (bald, bearded, pale skin) and their feet are visible. The black floor and wall blend together to look like Toby is floating.
Photo by Serenity Smith Forchion, NECCA

Online Showing

Join us for a work-in-progress showing of A Singular They on Saturday Nov 28, at 7pm Eastern time!

Info and tickets: through the New England Center for Circus Arts

More about the show, its team, and its development

Artist in Residence: NECCA

This year, I'm in residence at the New England Center for Circus Arts through their Company in Residence program. I'm working on my new solo show, A Singular They, which will be my first piece integrating aerial work with dance performance. Stay tuned for work in progress showing information!

Poem Release: "Cavitation"

Published in Disabled People Destroy Fantasy by Uncanny Magazine, a little poem about spine whales. You can read "Cavitation" for free online.

The whales do not know
that they are small,
click-whistle hunting
in cerebrospinal darkness ...

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