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Toby in a swirling voluminous pink-blue-silver shimmery cape, swirling around them mid-turn. Only their head (bald, bearded, pale skin) and their feet are visible. The black floor and wall blend together to look like Toby is floating.
Photo by Serenity Smith Forchion, NECCA - A Singular They

"Renovation of a Finite Apartment"

This little story is about choosing to live, after impossible loss and under intense scrutiny. It's also about interior decorating, and a good robot friend.

Published in Strange Horizons, Dec 2020.

Read "Renovation of a Finite Apartment" online for free.

Poem releases: "Phase Shift", "Transformation of the Rule-Broken"

diamond-encrusted bone
does not wish to flex,
nor fascia, tight as glaze
high-fired, a treatment
of salamanders palliative
at best.

Read "Phase Shift" for free in Liminality Magazine

All those years in water, now when wet
I’m wood-grained. I came out
dark swirled, flesh shivered off –
but only a skin that didn’t fit.

Read this reprint of "Transformation of the Rule-Broken" for free in #EnbyLife.

Article: "Leading with Love"

I wrote an article for Dance/USA about three (queer!) choreography Fellows: Sean Dorsey, Prumsodun Ok, and Patrick Makuakane, all of whom carry their community, love and respect throughout their work.

Read it for free on the Dance/USA website.

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