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glittering galactic dancers moving in slow motion against a black background

Enter the Void

We have premiered!
You can still reach into the glittering darkness --

cover image of "If Not Skin", woven with textures of scales, stones, and flower petals

If Not Skin

If Not Skin, debut collection of shape-shifting poetry and short stories, is available now from Aqueduct Press! Buy in print or ebook, or read a free sample, here.

Essay Release: "Small Dances"

Read "Small Dances" for free on Patreon: concepts, context, videos, and exercises for making dance when you mostly can't move. For dancers and non-dancers alike.

Maybe you can move only some part(s) of your body. Maybe you can move your whole body, but slowly, or for short periods, or only in certain environments (like your bed). Maybe movement is possible but painful. This post is for you - and anyone else who needs it.


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