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Workshop Offerings

I'd love to teach for your organisation, class, conference, or other group. Previously I've independently taught or spoken for such groups as public schools, health centers, colleges (including Middlebury, UVM, and Yale), and diverse social justice and education conferences. Available topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Dance: adaptive dance 101/102 for dance students, teachers, and choreographers; duet-making with diverse bodies; working with props and equipment; floorwork
  • Textiles: spinning (wheel or drop spindle); art yarn spinning; knitting; weaving; DIY frame looms; acid dyeing; pattern design
  • Diversity & social justice: trans 101; LGBT topics; dis/ability and ableism; ¬†intersectional identities; team-building and communication
  • Arts-integrated topics: nonverbal communication methods; self-concept and body image through movement; arts projects for classroom curriculum topics such as reading, science, math

Contact me for more details: twmacnutt (at) gmail (dot) com.

Certain teaching materials that I have created are available for download on the Extras page, including a teaching comic for arts & literacy, and a dance/math arts integrated lesson plan.

Long, wide shot of a stone patio; Toby lies stomach-down on the ground in the upper left corner, wearing all black.