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Visual art and material not otherwise categorised...

  • "The Adventures of Yuna and Robot: Space Gem Heist" is a short comic book I made as a teaching tool for my younger students (ages 7-9). It introduces the concepts of panel flow, speech bubbles, sound effects, and thought bubbles. Neither drawing nor scriptwriting are my main art forms, but it came out pretty cute. It's available as a PDF, and there's also a text transcript with full image description.
  • The Book of Goodbyes, a traveling journal project about loss, grief, and change, is currently out in the world, but you can get yourself on the request list for the next time it returns to me.
  • "Math and Shapes" is a sample arts integration lesson I designed as part of VSA Vermont's "Arts Connect" program (2013). It is a lesson for first grade students, teaching dance and math together while using the principles of Universal Design for Learning. You can view the coversheet PDF or the full lesson outline.
  • (Re)Defining Sex, a zine about different forms of intimacy, hand-made in 2008. PDF.



Toby presses their hands against a glass door, crutches dangling, elbows at a strange angle. A person inside makes eye contact.Blogging & Autobio

  • Unpacking Questions, originally blogged 24 Oct 2011. PDF. "Today the grocery cashier, gesturing to my crutches, says: 'What did you do to yourself to get stuck with those awful things?'"
  • Reflection post on my experience at the 2013 Candoco Summer Lab: Creating in the Moment.
  • I documented my experience working at the Flynn, choreographing through the Vermont Artist Space Grant. Read about it: post one, two, three, four.
  • You can also check out my blog.


Music created for One, Two is available under a Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike license (CC BY-SA 3.0).