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Enter the Void

Cast off your earthly bonds and set aside your flesh.
Make eye contact with the infinite abyss.

Meet what you find there, face-to-face.
Become the emptiness. Become the dark nothing.
Enter the Void.

Portals open June 9 and 10, 2018, in South Burlington, Vermont

two dancers barely visible as highlighted angular limbs in a pool of light

Each visitor will have a chance to cross over from earth to the deep space beyond, where sound, light, and time itself move differently.

You'll receive our expert guidance in your crossing and your return, as well as a collection of words from fellow travelers - part passport, part visitor's guide, part program of events.

We can't say for sure what you'll see on your pilgrimage - it is never quite the same - but we know something is out there, in the nothing. And it watches back.

See what you can see. Let the darkness hold you. Leave light and body behind you, for a while.

Come back changed.

one glittering dancer lies back as if in the lap of the other glittering galactic dancers moving around one another in blackness

a dancer's torso painted in dark galaxy colors, left side sharply visible and the rest fading into black background

Premiere on June 9 and 10 - matinee and evening showings available. Tickets released in late May. Save the date!

Support the work: become a Patron for behind-the-scenes updates/photos/video and poem rewards; make a donation through PayPal (see Support page); or donate supplies directly for construction of set, props, costumes, and chapbook. The Void... hungers...

Accessibility is very important to us, and supports are being designed in from the ground up for this unusual show. People of all ages, with and without disabilities, are welcome. See link for more information!